Industrial fertilizers, agriculture commodities, pesticides

Industrial fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural commodities

The main activities of the Agro Division of HOKR, spol. s.r.o., Pardubice, on the one hand, mainly supplies products for the agricultural sector - industrial, mineral fertilizers (nitrogenous, phosphorus, potassium, combined, fertilizers with sulfur, etc.) and plant protection agents and auxiliary substances (pesticides, growth regulators, ihnibitors), both for distribution stages, so directly to primary producers. On the other hand, it is the purchase of final products - agricultural commodities. In addition to this product range intended especially for agricultural primary production, we also offer plant fertilizers, which we supply to private growers.

We deliver industrial, mineral fertilizers both to the distribution level (agrochemical companies, agroservices, etc.) and to larger end users (agricultural companies, agricultural cooperatives, large farms and estates), but also to smaller end customers (private farmers, farmers, self-employed peasants). Both whole-truck deliveries (approx. 25 tons) directly from the manufacturer and deliveries of smaller volumes from our warehouses are possible.

For the supply of fertilizers, our company uses both domestic and foreign producers, especially from Poland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine and the countries of the former USSR. Deliveries are mainly carried out by truck directly to the destination according to the customer's wishes, or it is possible to draw these goods from individual warehouses throughout the Czech Republic.

Fertilizers can be delivered in bulk, or packaged in PE bags from 25 to 50 KGS, or in Big-Bags of 500-1,000 KGS. Liquid fertilizers, such as UAN, UAS or ammonium sulfate solution, can be stored in the so-called flexitanks, which are specially made bags that meet legislative requirements for these purposes.

Products belonging to this category

In addition to common industrial fertilizers, our company developed micronutrient fertilizers in chelated form containing zinc, copper, manganese and iron, as well as a magnesium nitrate solution with a high content of rapidly accessible magnesium. Our product list includes the most common types of bulk fertilizers. If you are interested in a different type, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the sale of industrial fertilizers, as well as the supply of pesticides and auxiliary substances and the purchase of agriculture commodities, individual conditions are always negotiated taking into consideration current prices, transport distances, quantities and payment terms.

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