Titanium Plus - the advantages of plastic, the appearance of aluminum

Mr. Josef HORACEK, MSc.
Commercial Director Construction Division (Windows, Doors, Facade Systems, Winter Gardens)

Titanium Plus surface treatment - the answer to today's design requirements

The unique Titanium Plus coating gives the plastic windows an exclusive metallic look. It thus brings real freedom in creation to architects and designers and does not set any limits to their imagination, as they are not limited by the white appearance of high-quality plastic windows.

The shiny, attractive aluminum appearance of plastic profiles with a Titanium Plus surface treatment is achieved thanks to a precise coating with a special foil that contains very small particles of metallic pigment. These reflect the light and give the profile the shine so valued in aluminum windows.

Is it plastic, isn't it plastic...

It is only when an expert takes a close-up look that they are not aluminum windows. That's how faithfully the Titanium Plus surface treatment works. Inoutic Prestige plastic windows, thanks to the high-quality profile that forms the basis of the windows, with the surface treatment of Titanium Plus technology, offer truly excellent heat-insulation and sound-insulation properties. At the same time, it is still possible to choose from a number of available shapes, from beveled to rounded, and thus meet the demanding requirements of new construction projects and renovations of older buildings.

The Anti-graffiti feature guarantees easy maintenance, as the film has been developed specifically for Inoutic Prestige window profiles, and both plastic layers have a low surface tension and are therefore easy to clean. The offer includes color variants from the Architecture colors series.

The Titanium Plus foil gives the window profiles not only an attractive metallic appearance typical of aluminum windows, but also stands out for its high resistance to weather influences and maintains a permanent appearance. The film is temperature stable, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, easy to clean - it does not require any special care and maintenance.

The advantages of plastic, the beauty of aluminum

Inoutic Prestige Titanium Plus window profiles offer the surface optics of high-quality aluminum, which is so widely sought after in modern building design. However, they have properties typical of plastic windows, their main advantages are:

  • Lower financial burden compared to aluminum windows;
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties, environmental protection not only by saving energy for heating objects, but also thanks to the ecological production of these profiles, all Inoutic profiles are part of the cycle of secondary raw materials, the so-called Rewindo Recycling system;
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties - our profiles provide noise protection up to class 5 (SSK 5);
  • Long service life, warranty and weather resistance - the films used for the Titanium Plus surface treatment are significantly more resistant to UV radiation and have better thermal insulation properties than ordinary films;
  • Shape variability - beveling and rounding of windows and doors ensure the correct dimensional layout on the facade and harmoniously fit into new buildings and old buildings.

Windows from Inoutic Prestige Titanium Plus profiles bring designers and architects new opportunities to use the technical appearance of an aluminum window while maintaining the advantages of plastic windows.

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