Plant fertilizers, consumer chemistry, garden substrates, plant protection agents

HOBBY division of HOKR, spol. s.r.o., Pardubice focuses mainly on the supply of plant fertilizers and plant protection agents, both for the hobby sector (private growers, gardeners, orchardists and winegrowers), and for wholesale customers from the ranks of distributors, markets and specialized stores. With us, everyone can choose, we offer a range from the popular combined fertilizer with microelements Cererit to single-component fertilizers, such as saltpeter or urea.

Are you interested in hobby agro products such as calcium saltpeter, Cererit, ammonium sulphate, ČERVOSTOP® (against wood-destroying insects), Odrezovač (rust removal) and others? Collection is possible through the business network of our wholesale customers or by agreement from our production and logistics center in Lázně Bohdaneč, or at the company's headquarters in Smilova Street in Pardubice.

Products belonging to this category

Are you thinking about building a winter garden or conservatory, which you will enliven with beautiful plants? We will build it for you and, in addition, we will also supply you with the necessary fertilizers for the growth of flowers, such as NPK - a basic combined granular fertilizer containing all three important nutrient elements.

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