Windows and doors made of plastic, aluminum and wood, facade systems, terraces, outdoor cladding, conservatories

Aluminium windows and systems

Mr. Josef HORÁČEK, MSc.
Commercial Director Construction Division (Windows, Doors, Facade Systems, Winter Gardens)

Aluminum windows and doors stand out with perfect insulating properties, do not require any maintenance and will last you for many years. In addition, these windows and doors are suitable for any type of building. The company HOKR, spol. s.r.o. as a leading supplier of aluminum entrance doors and windows in Pardubice, offers you a whole range of aluminum products. You just have to choose.

What is the world from KAWNEER?

Constructions of any size and function were realized by the Kawneer Architectural System. From skyscrapers to bungalows, from industrial halls to apartment, from stadium to aluminum winter garden. Kawneer can perfectly transform customers' ideas into reality. The economy of used aluminum systems is the same criterion as love for detail.

Group engineering sets at the ever-higher bar in terms of architectural progress, whether it is material demands, design or technology. The world of Kawneer is the world of architecture.

How big is the world of KAWNEER?

In the world's largest aluminum processing concern, Alcoa Inc., KAWNEER is one of the most important in the business industry, which has 100,000 concern collaborators and holds the world's leading brand of architectural systems. The history of this success of the brand is more than 100 years old and its journey is lined with a pioneering spirit and an effort to innovate.

Who is part of the Kawneer environment?

Designers around the world consider close cooperation with contact persons from KAWNEER directly in the place. Design engineers associate economic and technical efficiency with products.

Suppliers of buildings of all sizes trust the reliability of calculations and guaranteed quality.

KAWNEER's employee plans in dimensions of its customers, realizes plans for its projects, supports the creative process with competencies and team spirit.

In short, he lives in architecture. In conjunction with colleagues, each specialist is part of the KAWNEER worldwide team. Individual opportunities are fulfilled in global cooperation.

The interconnected team cooperation is a company culture at KAWNEER.

Where can I find the world KAWNEER?

The requirement of KAWNEER is to look for and find how to be as close as possible to your customers, their projects and themes of the future. All customer support is then based on:

Planning software, efficient and simple processing processes, to advisors directly in the place. As the so-called "Global Local Player", KAWNEER offers support to build long-term customer relations from the initial interest in the product.

What does the KAWNEER product world offer?

"Build for Life" is a motto that briefly and aptly describes the requirements and goals of KAWNEER products. Offer people, as users of architecture with quality and functionality, durable and high-quality facades, windows, doors, winter gardens, sliding devices, fire-fighting elements, integrated systems and solar panels. All products are tested according to the latest quality standards. Their further development is continuous both technically and in terms of design. The concern knowledge of raw material mining, further processing and refining offers us an invaluable production and qualitative reliability.

What does KAWNEER's world of tomorrow look like?

In the coherence of requirements for the construction of the future, KAWNEER offers the certainty of planning. KAWNEER teams are constantly exploring and testing new materials and constructions to keep up with development. The whole Alcoa concern with its overall aluminum effect is just one of the engines that make KAWNEER the leader in the field of future technology. The interconnection of worldwide KAWNEER projects in the field of building equipment lets new synergic facades, active, intelligent so-called "second leather" facades, as a new part of buildings.

These "integrated systems" combine facades and window elements with one or more additional constructive uses: gaining energy through built-in photovoltaic elements, daylight management units to save electricity, modules to activate daylight shading and much more. The future is increasingly determined by the themes such as persistence, energy and climate. KAWNEER builds these topics on the top of his agenda today. For the world of KAWNEER is also the world of tomorrow.

  • We offer and deliver only products of top quality that have been tested over the years (not only top-quality plastic or aluminum conservatories, but also first-class glazing and used hardware, etc.).
  • We were here more than 20 years ago, we are here now and we will continue to be here for you, so that we can deal with warranty and post-warranty service.
  • We are not just traders, of which there are hundreds today, often for a single order, we are manufacturers, we employ our own professional workers.
  • We collect deposits from our customers only in special cases.


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