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Pesticides and other auxiliary substances

Our company supplies the market with a wide range of plant protection products in cooperation with our sister company CHEMAGRA. They will provide current price lists upon request.

The ordered pesticides are delivered directly to the site during the next delivery day (usually the second day after the order). Most of the products are ready for immediate dispatch at distribution warehouses, if the required product is not available at the moment, we will help you find a suitable replacement. Discounts are individually negotiated from the mentioned price list, which depend mainly on the total volume taken and also on the payment terms.

In addition to original protection agents, we also offer so-called "parallel imports", that is, substitute generic agents that contain the same active substance as the reference preparation, but are usually more affordable. For a quote on pesticides, please contact our sister company CHEMAGRA directly.

We also offer other auxiliary substances, such as growth regulators, preparations preventing germination, inhibitors of nitrification and urease, etc.

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