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Potassium industrial fertilizers (K)

Potassium fertilizers are substances in which potassium is valued as the main nutrient. In addition to potassium, these fertilizers may contain a certain amount of other biogenic elements (Mg, Ca, B, etc., useful Na, Cl, etc.).

The raw materials for the production of potassium fertilizers come from natural deposits of potassium salts, which were created by the evaporation of seawater. With the repeated influx of additional water, the salts thickened and crystallized. Industrial potassium fertilizers are produced by grinding and dissolving low-percentage crude salts and subsequent flotation.

concentrated potassium fertilizers are divided into:

  • chloride type (comming from potassium chloride KCl)
  • sulfate type (comming from potassium sulphate K2SO4)

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