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Phosphorous industrial fertilizers (P)

Phosphorus fertilizers contain the main nutrient phosphorus either in a form directly accessible to plants or provide it only after release in the soil.

The content of heavy metals can be an important qualitative indicator of these raw materials. Ground phosphates are processed either mechanically, chemically or thermally during the production of phosphate fertilizers and are divided into:

  • Fertilizers with water-soluble phosphorus - superphosphates, ammophos (monoammonium phosphates), diammonium phosphates;
  • Fertilizers with phosphorus soluble in neutral ammonium citrate - dicalcium phosphate;
  • Fertilizers with phosphorus soluble in 2 % citric acid - Thomas meal, Dolofos, part P from ground phosphates;
  • Fertilizers with phosphorus soluble in strong acids - ground phosphates, hyperphosphates, bone meal. Dolofos 15, Dolofos 26, Fosmag, Hyperkorn 26% P2O5 + 2 % MgO, bone meal for fertilization, etc.

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