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Nitrogenous industrial fertilizers with sulphur (NS)

Sulfur is an important biogenic element. Plants have relatively high sulfur requirements. Cereals have the least requirements, legumes have the highest requirements, and oilseeds (Cruciferae) have the largest requirements.

In our conditions, the sulfur balance was positive for many years. Due to the significant reduction of atmospheric fallout after the desulphurization of power plants and the limited use of especially phosphorus, potassium and magnesium fertilizers containing sulphur, the symptoms of its hidden deficiency are beginning to manifest in our country as well (especially on light soils). Therefore, in order to achieve a higher utilization of nitrogen and a good representation of technologically high-quality proteins in food grains, it is also necessary to monitor the level of this nutrient in plants.

Plants receive sulfur through the roots in the form of anion SO42-. Its assimilation is similar to that of nitrates.

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