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Blended industrial fertilizers

Blended industrial fertilizers offer an interesting compromise for many customers. Most often, single-component fertilizers such as CAN, urea, MOP, superphosphate, etc. are used for the production of mixtures. However, multi-component fertilizers (MAP, DAP or other types of NP fertilizers, ammonium sulphate, etc.) or even complex fertilizers are often used as starting materials.

A possible uneven distribution of the individual components in the entire mixture (which can be amplified by transporting the finished mixture over longer distances) can be cited as a disadvantage. Furthermore, the slightly different size and shape of their granules, which can result in not fully even application. On the contrary, among the definite advantages is the possibility of producing a mixture with practically any representation of nutrients. And it is often possible to achieve a better price by mixing the raw materials than with chemically produced complex fertilizers. Last but not least, current availability at the time of need can also be a decisive factor. As we mentioned, the possibilities of preparing products belonging to this category are practically unlimited. Therefore, here we present only a few of the most typical and popular combinations. For more, do not hesitate to contact us at any time and we will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer that meets your needs.

There are no package leaflets or safety data sheets to download for blended fertilizers, for understandable reasons. If you are interested in application recommendations, refer please to the package leaflet of the original manufactured fertilizer with similar nutrient content. From the point of view of safety, material safety data sheets are available for individual fertilizers that are used as starting raw materials in mixtures.

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