Career in company HOKR

We are a friendly team and we are happy to welcome every new diligent and conscientious member of our team. Once there will be any unoccupied job or position, you will find it out in time here and through advertising on specialized websites.

What we expect

  • Reliability

    We are not about pricks, but about not leaving our colleagues in the lurch. The work must be done properly and on time.
  • Abilities

    We believe that working with a computer and spreadsheet editors (Excel) will not surprise you. If something tells you about the CSV format, which we sometimes need to get exported from you, contact us.
  • A team game

    We don't need you to necessarily go to every team building or barbecue with your colleagues, we understand that you have your family or other interests outside of work. However, we respect the rule that we pull together and it is good to help colleagues if you feel that you can be useful or helpful. We don't use sticks under our feet. We don't need such colleagues. If you're fair and can be a team player, we'll take you!

Are you coming with us?

Let's get to know each other

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